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What People are Saying about Jeremy

Here are some excerpts of what people are saying about me after attending one of my presentations or watching one of my videos. If you have feedback about a session you attended or about anything on the site, send a message to

Jeremy has the unique ability to simplify complex subjects and to show the listener why they should care about learning about the subject he's teaching. In his live presentations, he uses humor and compassion to help make software development less dry and more fun.
Your explanations are clear and your examples are concise. Your delivery is fun, light, understandable, and conversational, even when your subject matter is anything but.
I just want you to know Jeremy, that this is the absolute best explanation I've received on Interfaces, when to use them, how to use them, and the benefits of their usage. I've struggled for years to understand the concept of coding to an abstraction and your course made that pretty clear. This has been an immense head ache because I know that I should be writing unit tests for my logic, but the setup for a test would be so grotesque that I just couldn't figure it out. I hope to put these principles to use in my next project. Thanks.
Jeremy is a really terrific speaker: funny, personable, and he clearly loves being a developer. I'm glad I spent the time--I spent a good part of the following day working lambdas into my current project.
I really appreciate a developer presenter like Jeremy designing a lecture that is highly useful while also entertaining, practical, and with good examples. Jeremy displayed awesome knowledge, creativity, and good sense of humour.
I would like to tell you that your tutorials are very easy to understand, your voice is calm and nice, also you seem to cover a lot of technologies and other helpful stuff very useful for a programmer. I would just like to thank you for that :)
You surely are an inspiration to junior developers, like myself.
Greetings from Romania ! :)
I saw your presentation last Saturday. I believe perhaps your strongest point is making things simple... Though I knew most of the material about lambdas, you have such an easy-going way of explaining things that I really enjoyed the full hour.
I just wanted to let you know you did a great presentation of XAML at the C# User's Group Meeting... You have a unique method of presenting the material that makes it easy to digest. You certainly were helpful in helping make the decision of either going with WPF or Silverlight. Great Job!
I really enjoyed your presentation and everyone I know that came to see you are so impressed by your style of presenting...
I wanted to thank you for your presentation at Code Camp. It was only an hour, and there's only so much you can show in that short of a time. But what you did do was inspire me to learn more about WPF and not be afraid of XAML.
Thanks again for stopping by the [.NET Developer Group]. You were able to present a lot of valuable information in a short period of time... I've already gotten a good amount of positive feedback from attendees. You have a talent for presentation. Please consider presenting again in the future...
I wanted to say I really enjoyed your talk at the ... .NET Developer's meeting last night. As a beginner .NET/C# programmer I was able to understand what lamdbas are and how to possibly use them. I know even some of my senior level developers learned something last night. I hope you come back to the ... .NET Developer's group to speak. Thanks again!

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